Welcome To My New Blog!

Hello there friends!  Welcome to Spinfeed, my new blog where I am going to spin my mental wheels so to speak.

My goal for this blog is basically just to have a place where I can wright my random thoughts about random things.

I am going to talk about things that I find interesting, infuriating, intriguing, irritating, irresistible, and anything else I feel like I want to take out of my whirling mind and put down in words.

I always get slightly irritated when I hear people say “There are two types of people in this world… blah blah blah…”  No.  There are infinite types of people in this world.  But I have to admit, the distinction does become relevant when describing particular traits of people.  Every time I hear someone say it, I think of this line from a book by Tom Robbins, “There are two types of people in this world, people who say there are two types of people, and people who don’t.”   Anyway, much to my dismay, I guess I am one the former. So I’ll just go ahead and say it:  There are two types of people in this world, people who can quiet their minds and not overthink and analyze everything, and people who spin their mental wheels until the smell of brain pavement and rubber starts emanating from their brains.  People like me.

So on that note, here is the my spin feed.  A constant feed of my random trains of thought.  I do this in hopes that by getting them out of my brain and into cyberspace where they can live their own existence outside the narrow walls of my already chaotic mind, I can start to become one of those other people.  The ones who can sit in silence and stillness, without the mind monkey constantly yapping into their frontal lobes.

Thanks for joining me and please feel free to leave comments or your own personal rants!



Why The Road Rage?

Yesterday I drove from Santa Cruz to Oakland and back to visit a friend who lives up there.  As I drove I scanned idly through radio stations I stopped to listen to a bluegrass folk hour that was on.  Then, as I kept scanning I stopped on some local news.road rage

What I heard made me seriously ponder the phenomena of road rage.  Apparently, some guy was going slowly in the fast lane.  There was someone behind him, clearly in quite a hurry.  When the car behind was finally able to pass, he was so outraged, that he shot a gun into the passenger side window of the guy in front.

Nobody was killed, thank goodness, but the passenger sustained substantial injuries.  The shooter was never caught.

What in the world, besides being as high as a kite on narcotics, could cause someone to do such a despicable thing?  I know that I certainly have moments of road rage where I swear to myself in the confines of my car, or want to show some idiot the middle finger for cutting in front of me, but the level of rage that I see in drivers every day is, well, outrageous!

I see it even in friends.  One of my best friends gets so angry at people while driving that she screams and yells at people who might be lovely people, just not doing what she wanted them to be doing.

Anyway, I guess, for me at least, it comes from a combination of stress, hurry, worry, and the inability to be really present in the moment.  If I am able to catch myself spiraling into the abyss that is unreasonable, unfounded anger, I can completely diffuse it in a matter of seconds.  I take a deep breath, and realize that it really is nothing to be angry at at all.  In fact, I love being in my car, listening to music, singing along, watching the road go by.  So long road rage, there isn’t time enough in the world to be mad a good people who are bad drivers.



How Riding In A Limousine Makes You A Thr

Ok.  So in order to really GET this post you have to go back and re-read my previous post about Thrs.  I give a full and detailed description of exactly what a thr is and how to identify them.

Here I am going to give you my very own the moment.  Yes, we all have moments in our lives where we get to be “that guy” or “that girl”.  And I especially think this is true for all people who ever ride in limousines, stretched limos, fancy town cars, disgustingly expensive sports cars, and most of all Hummers.

White limousine

I really realized this as I took the first ride in a limo that I have taken in a very long time.  Now don’t get me wrong, I had pretty much the greatest night I’ve had in ages in the back of that limo… all I am saying is that I began to act and feel as though I was cool.  The moment that you think you are cool, is the moment that you really and truly aren’t.  It’s just that really fancy cars like that have this way of making you think “I bet everyone is looking at us.  I bet they are wondering what rich and important person is inside.  I bet they think I am Kim Kardashian or the Vice President, or a Playboy bunny.  But its me!  And I am cool!”  Ouch.

A few weeks ago I went with a friend of mine up to the city for her bachelorette party.  All of the gals piled into the back of the sexy white limo, and sailed off in a cloud of perfume, champagne, and 80’s music.  We seriously had the time of our lives.

As we crawled down the city streets, we were hanging out of the sun roof, champagne glasses in hand, screaming and singing at the top of our lungs.  We were honestly being downright obnoxious… but it was okay because we were contained in a limo.

It was only when we exited the limo, that the true nature of our silly, fancy ride induced haughtiness became apparent.  It was at this point when I realized that nobody really cares who is riding in the back of a limo, it doesn’t actually make you look any cooler, and it doesn’t give anybody the right to act like a d-bag asshole.

Anyway, the whole night was super fun, but riding in the limo and thinking that we were a bunch of rock stars was most definitely the funnest part of the evening.  Maybe sometimes being a thur is the way to go… because really, what is more important than being cool in your own mind?

Thanks LuxuryLimosSantaCruz for an incredible evening!

Thrsday in Santa Cruz

Today I want to talk about a special word that my friends and I have come to use quite frequently.  The word is THR.  This stands for Thinks He Rips.  We use this word in reference to people who do something, in this case surfing, and misguidedly believe that they are actually amazing at it.

This is both hysterical and excruciatingly painful to witness.  This word developed do to the unbelievable number of THRs right here in Santa Cruz, California.  There are many different types of surfers.  You see the pros throwing huge buckets of spray and landing air 360 reverses, you see semi-pros: the guys who had a lot of promise as kids but just fell short and ended up working as a rep for a local surf company.  You see frothing little groms (those towhead, little kids who spend every waking, hyperactive moment in the water and started surfing when they were 1.5 years old) catching every little ripple on the inside, people taking lessons for the first time, old white haired, grouchy men on longboards sitting way out the back, and people who are just out for the sake of soul surfing and enjoyment.

And then you see the Thrs.  Thrs are people who are amazing in their own minds.  The thr can be any age, most often over 25.  He usually has a brand new “shred stick”, leash, and wetsuit or surf shorts.  He has typically be surfing for about 6 years and truly believes that he is a “surfer.”Let me give you a rundown of a typical Thur moment:

He sits right in the middle of the lineup so that if an actual set comes he can scratch for the shoulder, meanwhile getting in the way of everyone and paddling (in a most unsightly and thrashing manner) for every small to medium wave that rolls in.  Finally, he catches a wave,  (which he thinks is much bigger than it really is and has to burn an adorable 12 year old little girl to get). Although he is on the wave, he looks around to see who was watching.

After the wave, he does another look around to see who saw him.  Then, as he is paddling back out, he does a super arch of his back, posturing as though he was a Komodo Dragon and he has just accomplished some amazing feat of athletic prowess.  He paddles back into the middle of the crowd, and then arranges his features into some smug look which he things says “see how cool I am and how much I rip?” However, the way in everyone else interprets this unfortunate facial expression is, “Aw man, I really have to go to the bathroom.  Crap, I should have gone before I put this wetsuit on.  Maybe thats why when I surf it looks like I have to take a big, fat poop.”

Although in this particular example I am talking about surfers, Thrs can be found in anywhere.  From runners, to businessmen, to models, to actresses, to pretty much any area of life, you will find people who absolutely, without a doubt, think that they are God’s gift to whatever they are doing.

I encourage you to use this word and incorporate it into your everyday life.  Although Thrs have to potential to be supremely irritating, once you identify them and recognized them for what they are, the annoyance fades to a dim amusement, and you can thank your lucky stars that you weren’t born a Thr.

Happy Thrsday!